Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reflection: Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea
by Randy Chambers 

Care for a cup of tea?

Not me. No thanks.
I’ve much too much to do.
No time for drinks, or idle chat.
You understand.
Idle chat will lead
to nothing less than idle hands.
It’s true. Don’t you agree?

Not me. I simply can’t agree.

Busy, busy people give
no time for pleasantry.
Idle chat you say?
No time to chat or have a cup of tea?
Why won’t you find the time to sit
and fellowship with me?
Important, don’t you think?
To listen. To talk.
To share our thoughts.
To sit a while, or take a walk
together—you and me.
You see? Right?

I might.

But it is so very hard.
So much to do, you see.
It sounds so very nice.
But if you want my advice
Its always free.
So much to do will not get done
If not for those like me.

Oh brother!

What’s that?

Don’t you understand?

Your life is more than busy work
And occupying idle hands.
God has so much He wants for you
He has and always will.
Sometimes, He wants you working,
But sometimes He wants you still.
Do you understand?

I think so…

But not today!


I have no time to sit and talk,

to take a walk,
no time to share or…


What did you say?

You have no time to pray.

I didn’t say…

Oh never mind.
I must get back to work
you see.

I know

That’s right.

I have no time for idle chat,
or for a cup of tea.
I will have time for none of that.

No time for pleasantry?

So you say.

But you know I don’t agree.

So I see.

Well, as you wish.
Do what you need to do.

I will…

I know.

So, where is it you will be?


I think I’ll sit with God a while…
…and have a cup of tea.

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